Education Planning (Grade 1-12)


Gifted and Talented Education

Grade: 1st - 7th

Education Planning Services:

• Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (CTY) SCAT tutoring
• Summer School Program
• CTY courses tutoring
• American Mathematical Competitions (AMC) tutoring
• Training to enhance self-learning and time management skills and advance children's IQ, EQ, and AQ

Stanford/Ivy Education Planning

Grade: 7th - 12th, the earlier the better!

Education Planning Services:

• AP, IB Tutoring
• SAT 1550, ACT 34 tutoring
• National STEAM competition tutoring
• Stanford/Ivy summer school application services
• University research internship programs
• Establishing a scientific and technological innovation program
• Setting up a nonprofit organization

Top 30 University Admissions Planning

Grade: 8th - 12th, the earlier the better!

Education Planning Services:

• Academic preferences / career interest exploration
• Personality/career direction online test
• High school course selection
• Academic tutoring
• Standardized test strategy and preparation schedule
• SAT/ACT practice tests
• Personal study plan preparation
• Summer school application
• Community service and internship opportunity recommendations
• Academic, music, art, and debate competition guidance

Research & Internships

New York University - Artificial Intelligence Project
• Plan A: 12-weeks online training + 1-week New York City on-site experience (9-12th grade students, accommodations in NYC are included, team up with at least 3 students)
• Plan B: 12-weeks online training (9-12th grade)
Columbia University - Engineering Project
12-weeks online project (9-11th grade students)
University of Southern California - Biology Engineering Project
4- or 8-weeks on site project (9-12th grade students)
Carnegie Mellon University - Human-Computer Interaction Project
4-weeks on site project (9-12th grade students)
Stanford University - Computer Science Project
3- or 4-weeks on site project (9-12th grade students)
*to allow work on projects during school breaks, students may opt for 2 weeks on site + 2 weeks long-distance training